Update: The first episode of the Polymess Podcast is now on Spotify!

I want to start a podcast. Not for fame or money. But for the interesting conversations I will have with friends and with people living interesting lives. I believe anybody can be interesting if probed with the right questions. I want to start very lightly, with a simple call with either a close friend or my partner to check how audio works, probably for now without video. I will prepare a few questions that are unique to the guest and then go for it. If it goes well, upload to Spotify or a less mainstream platform and share it online. If there are hiccups, reiterate.

I don't yet know what it is but something about the medium of podcasts hits different. I usually want to understand things very analytically: what makes the modality of sound alone so different? Or is it about the idea of an interview setting with 2 people (vs. in average YouTube videos where it's usually a single person)? The fluidity improv-like character of conversation? Or is it just that via random chance podcasts became this community where deep thought and exploration is encouraged and since then it's just a positive feedback loop for this? I don't know what factor it is but I do know that I like it and want to do it. I have many fond memories of podcasts and they have shaped how I think. Most notably, the Lex Fridman Podcast.

This article was inspired by the book The Pathless Path by Paul Millerd.