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CV (May 2022)

I'm a PhD student in AI/NLP at MILA & McGill in Montreal with Siva Reddy, focusing on language grounding.

My research interests in the space of language grounding roughly are:

Here is a mindmap version of my research interests from spring of 2021. Note: I have not directly worked on the majority of these topics yet!

I also have a personal life on this site such as philosophy or personal reflections.

In winter 2020, I became very interested in Effective Altruism. These days I more and more consider orientating my career and financial planning according to its principles (this is still something I have to figure out for myself, happy about feedback).

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My journey in AI

I did my BSc in Computational Linguistics with a Minor in Computer Science from LMU Munich where I worked on Symbolic Reasoning in Transformers and Coreference Resolution in Machine Translation.

At the end of my BSc I thought "language grounding sounds amazing" which led to "let's do a PhD in it". Feel free to check out my recent blog post about my motivation for language grounding, and this amazing paper which was my original inspiration: Experience Grounds Language. Also, here is a story of how I ended up going for a PhD.

During, and in the year after my BSc, I worked at different startups/small companies (Helsing, Micropsi Industries, Lilt, Intrafind) and as a research intern at MILA.

My personal journey

I play Ultimate Frisbee. My personal highlight: representing Germany at the U24 World Championships in 2019 → video.

I like philosophy and found a way to share my passion for it through PhilosophiaMunich, a philosophy society I co-founded in 2019. In Montreal I try to focus more on Effective Altruism (which still has many philsophical aspects!) and am attending McGill’s EA society.

1 year of my Bachelor was spent at Trinity College Dublin as an Erasmus Exchange student. Lots of new friendships!


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